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Xcalibur XRF Services has a wide range of calibration standards for plating thickness & composition, metals analysis and various trace elements in organic material.

Our Film Thickness standards are “Traceable through N.I.S.T. to S.I. units.

Our film thickness standards are manufactured by an ISO/IEC17025 accredited Lab with the Scope of Accreditation for both thickness and composition (Thickness 25-100microns with an uncertainty capability of 4.9% and composition is 1-99 weight percent with an uncertainty capability of 0.30wt%)

Why Calibrate standards periodically?

  • The accuracy of your system is directly related to the accuracy and quality of the standards used during the calibration of your XRF instrument.
  • In normal use, even with care, plating thickness standards can be inadvertently scratched or damaged by the operator.
  • Environmental conditions and age can also affect the surface of the standard causing oxidation and inter-metallic formations which will adversely affect your thickness measurements.

Occasionally our customers will have discrepancies in measurement results when the same part is measured by different customers or vendors on different instruments. Our experts can help resolve measurement discrepancies using our material characterization service. This service is available to anyone and discounts are given to our customers that have their standards or systems calibrated regularly. We can also provide measurement results on larger quantities of parts. Call for pricing.