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Xcalibur XRF Services has been a trusted leader in the XRF service field since 2002. Our engineers have over 20 years EDXRF experience including factory training in Seiko, Matrix Technology, Twin Cities, Thermo and Veeco/UPA Technology x-ray fluorescent equipment. We provide fast and reliable nationwide on-site service support from locations on the East Coast, West Coast and Great Lakes Region. Our in house technicians provide real time support via desktop sharing software, saving our customers time and money.

We also provide calibration and radiation safety audit on a range of desktop systems including Roengenanalytik, Fischer, Oxford/CMI, Skyray, Quickshot

Xcalibur XRF Services provides calibrations, radiation safety audits and repair on a wide range of systems.

Services include:

  • Full On-site XRF repair for Elvatech, Seiko, Veeco and Twin Cities manufactured equipment
  • Calibration to N.I.S.T and Radiation safety audit
  • Calibration, recertification and replacement of all brands of reference standards to help maintain the highest measurement accuracy
  • Provide one of the largest standard selections available (now ISO 17025 compliant)
  • Experienced and authoritative thickness measurement and finishing material characterization services
  • Non-destructive assay services for the testing of precious metals
  • Testing services for elemental analysis

Full service support available on the following Veeco/UPA Technology & Nexray Equipment:

  • Veeco XRF-4000 & XRF-5000 series systemsXRF-4000L, XRF-4100L, XRF-4200L, XRF-4000H, XRF-4100H, XRF-4200HXRF-5000L, XRF-5100L, XRF-5200L, XRF-5300L, XRF-5000H, XRF-5100H, XRF-5200H, XRF-5300
  • UPA Technology XRF-300 & XRF-300AT series systems
  • Veeco XRF-300AT & XRF-330AT series systems

Full service support available on the following Seiko equipment:

  • Seiko SFT-7000 series XRF systemsXRF-4000L, XRF-4100L, XRF-4200L, XSFT-7100, SFT-7103, SFT-7105, SFT-7150, SFT-7153, SFT-7155SFT-7200, SFT-7203, SFT-7205, SFT-7250, SFT-7253, SFT-7255SFT-7300, SFT-7303, SFT-7305, SFT-7350, SFT-7353, SFT-7355SFT-7400, SFT-7403, SFT-7405, SFT-7450, SFT-7453, SFT-7455
  • Seiko STX-3000 & SFT-3000 series XRF systemsSTX-3000, STX-3200, STX-3300, STX-3400
  • Seiko Si(Li) detector SEA-2000 & SEA-5000 series XRF systemsSEA-2010, SEA-2010L, SEA-2110, SEA-5100, SEA-5120, SEA-5200, SEA-5210, SEA-5220

Full service support available on the following Twin City(TCI) equipment:

  • Twin City XRF 8500, XRF 7550, XRF 6500, XRF 6000, XRF 5500, XRF 4500

Full service and support of the Bowman product line:

  • Bowman G-series
  • Bowman B-Series
  • Bowman P-Series
  • Bowman O-Series
  • Bowman M-Series
  • Bowman L-Series
  • Bowman W-Series
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