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Our XRF analyzers units are offered in a range of configurations, each geared toward applications in specific industries. Below is a breakdown of features for each unit as well as a listing of the industries each unit is best suite. For detailed information on any of these units as they apply to your particular industry, please complete our contact form or give us a call.


Q: How often should I have someone look at my equipment?

A: As a major investment for your company, the XRF system is an integral component of your quality control operation. If not evaluated properly, problems left unchecked can result in larger, more expensive problems later on. Add to this the likelihood of measurement problems that ultimately arise and can go unnoticed for weeks or even months. This is why it is important to have your system serviced by a qualified engineer on a regular basis. We typically recommend an annual or semi-annual system calibration and preventative maintenance.

Q: What happens after my system warranty has expired...

A: We provide on-site support of all our equipment, service costs can be provided upon request. We also offer service contracts for a range of XRF equipment.

Q: Do I need to register my equipment?

A: This answer varies state to state, you can contact us for information in your particular state.


We offer a wide range of EDXRF equipment both desktop and handheld.

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Thickness and Alloy Standards for all your application needs.

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On site service and support on a wide range of EDXRF equipment.

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