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ElvaX ProSpector_2

New EDXRF Handheld System

  • Measureable range Cl- U with capability to measure to Mg
  • Choice of Configurations
  • Also available as a Light element measurement system
  • SDD and Filter pkg available
  • Au or Ag target tube options
  • Easy to usetarget tube options
  • Easy to usee options
  • Easy to use

Industries: Ferrous and Nonferrous Alloy Sorting, RoHS, WEEE and Proposition 65 Compliance Testing, Lead Determination in Paint, Toys, Furniture and Clothing, Soil and Sediments Analysis, Mining and Geology, Art and Archeology.
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Get a whole lab in one hand. Everywhere and anytime

ProSpector 2 is our time-tested handheld XRF analyzer.  Due to the advanced electronics and state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms, ProSpector 2 provides ultimate quality of measurement within a couple of seconds. It is an intuitive and user-friendly instrument for highly accurate elemental analysis in a variety of applications.
  • High speed of operation @ above 500 000 CPS count rate
  • Ambient temperature and pressure corrections for highest stability
  • Over 10 hours operation from the battery
  • Detector protection
  • Extensive and editable alloy grade library
  • Protective film replacement with no tool required
  • Full compatibility with ElvaXTM PC software
  • Radiation safety: IR proximity sensor and low count detection

ProSpector 2 is a powerful handheld XRF analyzer, designed by Elvatech. Due to the advanced hardware and unique software algorithms, ProSpector 2 provides ultimate speed and accuracy of the elemental analysis. ProSpector 2 combines powerful analytical software toolkit with an easy-to-use interface, allowing even novice operators to perform any necessary measurements in seconds.

ProSpector 2 models

ProSpector 2 ProSpector 2LE
X-Ray Tube W, 40 kV Rh (W, Ag), 40 kV
Primary Filters Single automatic 5-position changer
Collimators Single Single
X-Ray Detector Si-PIN-Diode Large area Fast SDD
Detection Range Cl – U Mg – U
CCD Camera No Sample view (option)
Temperature correction Yes Yes
Barometric correction No Yes
Bluetooth Option Option
Wi-Fi No Option
Ingress Protection IP54 IP54