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Bowman G-Series

The G Series is the most basic and cost-effective model that Bowman offers. It is a robust system with no moving parts. It has a bottom-up measurement geometry, which makes it different from all other Bowman Series. Samples are placed onto a clear window and positioned using the video camera image. The sample stage can be manually adjusted to focus the camera on the exact area to be measured. The chamber is relatively small when compared to other models like the B Series. The small chamber and footprint can be well suited for jewelry and other precious metal analysis applications.

The standard configuration includes a single fixed collimator and a fixed focus camera. The solid-state PIN detector is included along with our long-life micro-focus x-ray tube. As with all Bowman models, the components can be upgraded to include multiple collimators, variable focal camera, or SDD detector.

The G Series XRF is best suited to customers with these requirements:

  • Relatively low sample testing volume requirements
  • New XRF testing requirement from a customer or supplier
  • Jewelry or other precious metal analysis
  • Limited benchtop space
  • Budget limitations
  • ASTM B568, DIN 50987 and ISO 3497


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Product Specifications

X-ray excitation: 50 W (50kV and 1mA) micro-focused W anode tube
Detector: Silicon solid-state detector with 190eV resolution or better
Number of analysis
layers and elements:
5 layers (4 layers + base) and 10 elements in each layer with composition analysis of up to 25 elements simultaneously
Filters/Collimators: 4 primary filters/dual motorized collimator
Focal Depths: Single fixed focal depths with laser
Digital Pulse Processing: 4096 CH digital multi-channel analyzer with flexible shaping time. Automatic signal processing including dead time correction and escape peak correction
Computer: Intel, Core i5 3470 Processor (3.2GHz), 8GB DDR3 Memory, Microsoft Windows 10 Prof, 64-bit equivalent
Camera optics: 1/4″ (6m) CMOS-1280×720 VGA resolution
Power Supply:
 Weight: 25kg
Standard Motorized/ Programmable XY:  Table size: Not available
Programmable XY:  Table size: Not available
Internal Dimensions: Height: 125mm (5″), Width: 380mm (15″), Depth: 300mm (12″)
External Dimensions: Height: 400 mm (16″), Width: 400 mm (16″), Depth: 380 mm ( 15″)