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Xcalibur XRF Services is the exclusive North American Sales & Service representative for Elvatech line of EDXRF equipment.

Why XRF?

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) provides outstanding efficiency in alloy analysis and sorting.
Being a truly non-destructive method it requires minimal sample preparation and provides more versatility than OES. It is suited for analyzing all existing alloy types, which makes it a welcome technology in a scrapyard, construction site, foundry and various other heavy engineering enterprises. XRF analyzers will drastically reduce your analysis time and cost. Unlike conventional analysis in which each new measurement adds cost, xrf cost is 99% initial capital expenditure, which means that each new measurement is more cost effective.

Alloy XRF Analysis Basics
and Facts to Know.

     Due to the advent of SDD detector, XRF elemental detection range has been extended to Na to U and covers almost the whole periodical table. Most alloys elements are within this detection range. Since most alloys are homogeneous structures and as such are 100% x-ray detectable, they are ideally suited for XRF analysis. Alloys are analyzed from tens to several hundred microns deep into the sample depending on the alloy density.

Therefore corroded or plated samples may require grinding or polishing. Accuracy of the method can vary for different elements and depending on the alloy type is typically accurate to 2 to 5 relative parts per thousand. Measurements are performed in a matter of seconds. Sorting and grade identification can take as little as 2 to 5 seconds, more accurate analysis may require longer measurement times, 10 seconds or more. Analysis of light elements such as Mg in Al alloys may require up to 1 minute.


XRF Analyzers for On-Site
and Laboratory
Based Analysis


There are several points to consider in choosing between a bench-top and a handheld analyzer.

Benchtop Analyzers Advantages
  • Higher sensitivity to light elements due to helium purge option
  • Customizable software allowing to adjust
    measurement parameters such as x-ray tube
    current, filter type etc
  • Advanced analytical tools excellent for analysing non-standard alloys
    Convenient measurement of small and uneven samples


  • The need to get samples from site to laboratory
Elva X plus


  • On site analysis
  • Extra intuitive software that doesn’t require
    any XRF theory knowledge
  • Lower sensitivity to light elements due to
    absence of helium purge
  • The need to synchronize with a PC for
    more detailed spectra Analysis
  • Long measurement times difficult without
    use of a lab-stand
Handheld Analyzers Advantages